Journey to Parenthood

Surviving the 1st Trimester

The first trimester is rough! I’m sure that many of you have heard about it or experienced it first hand. From nausea to vomiting to exhaustion, those first 12 weeks certainly take their toll on you, so I wanted to share some things that helped me make it through.

First lets talk about nausea, AKA morning sickness. I felt sick pretty much ALL DAY EVERY DAY! However, it wasn’t a “hovering over the toilet” type of sick feeling, more of just an uneasy stomach. I was fortunate to only throw up twice (one time back to back) but luckily I didn’t have anything in my stomach to throw up so nothing came out. I also had occasional gagging when taking my prenatal vitamins, but never so bad that I couldn’t take them.

Right before I found out that I was pregnant, I had gotten into the cooking mood. I am not much of a cook, but I decided that I wanted to learn. I saved a bunch of recipes on Pinterest and was having fun trying them out…. By the time I was 5-6 weeks pregnant I literally could not cook. I didn’t want to see or smell food being prepared. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of seeing or touching raw chicken. To help with this, I did get some frozen meals from the grocery store, but mostly I just ate out.

My doctor told me to eat many small meals per day to help keep the nausea at bay, but when you’re nauseous all the time, who wants to eat multiple times a day? Not me! I usually would have yogurt or a smoothie for breakfast and I loved drinking orange juice all day long. In the early part of the first trimester, I craved wings so bad! Boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings to be exact. I couldn’t get enough of them. I remember ordering wings to go and then I got stuck doing something and wasn’t able to eat them until over an hour later. I literally cried because the wings were going to be soggy and cold. My wonderful hubby took me to get some fresh ones and all was well! But by week 10, I could not stand wings! I didn’t want to see them, smell them, or even eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. My new craving at this point was Chipotle veggie burritos and this craving carried me through until the second trimester. I also drank A LOT of water! I was thirsty all the time and usually drank about 10+ glasses of water per day.


  • Preggie Pop Drops – These are little hard candies that you suck on. They are described as “natural, drug-free drops [that] calm your stomach and tone down pregnancy-related nausea with citric acid and natural essential oils.” I loved these and really felt like they helped, especially if I had to run errands or be somewhere. I sucked on these constantly to curb the nauseous feeling.
  • D’Noir Prunes – All natural, preservative-free prunes. Why? Because pregnancy hormones slow down your digestive system and cause constipation. Prunes are an excellent, natural way to get things back on track.
  • Sparkling Mama Fizzelixir – This comes as little packets of powder that you add to water and mix up. This is said to contain Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Magnesium, and Ginger to help with nausea and boost energy. It also claims that “[e]ffervescence allows quick absorption of the ingredients into your bloodstream, much faster than dissolving pills or candies, and because of it’s neutral PH (which the tummy loves) eliminates stomach discomfort often associated with pills.” I think I only used this once or twice. It doesn’t taste great but it did help a little.
  • Chimes Ginger Chews – One of my good friends sent me two packs of these. I only tried the mango flavor and thought it was very yummy. The flavor helps tone down the spice of the ginger, but you still get the spice at the end. These were a good option if I wanted a chewy candy instead of the Preggie Pop Drops.


1st Trimester Essentials

  • Rainbow Light Prenatal One & Prenatal DHA Smart Essentials – I love these prenatal vitamins! I researched a lot of different prenatal vitamins and I found these to be the best quality for the best price. I especially love that the Prenatal DHA is not fishy at all and has never given me “fish burps.”
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting – I love being able to read this book throughout my pregnancy. The first part of the book is kind of like an intro and is good to read when trying to conceive. The rest of the book is broken down into months and you read it as your pregnancy progresses. It tells me what kind of changes to expect (hence the title) and tells me how baby is changing and growing. I look forward to starting my new chapter every month.
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion – I am not sure if this lotion will really prevent stretch marks, as many people say your genetics have more to do with it, however I am willing to at least try to prevent them! Also, the first trimester was especially hard on my skin. I have never had such dry skin in my life, so the lotion definitely helped add some much-needed moisture to my skin. I also love that they changed the fragrance from the original fragrance with the orange label that smelled like chocolate, to the green label that is more of a subtle, fresh fragrance.
  • Pocket Fetal Doppler – I wouldn’t say that this is really essential, however I was a complete worry-wart throughout the entire first trimester. I was so scared that something would go wrong and that I might miscarry. I ordered a fetal doppler from Amazon so that I could listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home to help ease my worries. It took a while to find the heartbeat, but I finally did for the first time towards the end of my ninth week, however I wasn’t able to find the heartbeat consistently until about 12 weeks. The actual doppler that I purchased is unavailable, but the one linked is very similar.

During the first trimester I lost two pounds and gained them back by the end, but I didn’t gain any extra weight. For some reason though, none of my pants fit comfortably. I pretty much lived in leggings. I got 2 pairs of maternity jeans that I did not like because they wouldn’t stay up. They probably would have worked better if I actually had a bump. I would recommend getting some maternity clothes early on just so you can be comfortable when things start getting too tight, but only buy a couple things. Save most of your maternity clothes shopping for the second trimester. The one thing that was a MUST for me was new bras! I was in denial for so long about how much bigger my boobs had gotten and continued to wear my too-tight, uncomfortable bras. Once I finally got measured (for free!) at Motherhood Maternity, I learned that I grew 2 cup sizes!! I chose wire-free nursing bras because I found them to be much more comfortable than the ones with wire and I wanted to be able to use them for as long as possible.

Although it seemed like time was standing still in the first trimester, it really went by so quickly! So my advice is to try to enjoy what you can and try to pamper yourself a little extra during those first 3 months!